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General Information and Policies

Cancellation charges:   Charges will be applied according to the amount of work produced prior to cancellation.

The first artwork proof production charge  is $25.00, and $10 per revision.  The customer is also responsible for artwork prep charges if artwork was created  by Creative Ribbon for the order.  Artwork prep includes any alterations to artwork submitted,  designing logos, use of clipart and/ or typesetting.  Artwork prep charges are $25/hr minimum.  Customer is responsible for plate fee if plate is made prior to cancellation.    On orders over 20 rolls, customer will be charged 20% restock fee based on unprinted ribbon price.

Custom imprinted ribbon CAN NOT be returned for credit.


Overruns/Underruns:  Due to the difficulty of manufacturing to exact quantity requirements without sacrificing quality, a shipment of 5% over  or under the quantity ordered will constitute a complete order.  We are happy to help you estimate your needs.

Shipping:  Ship dates are only estimates and are not guaranteed.  Most orders ship within 7-10 days after final proof approval.  Rush service provides the customer with a guaranteed ship date which may be inside of 7-10 days.  However, Creative Ribbon will not be responsible for any freight charges on regular or rush orders whose ship date was delayed due to any circumstances which caused a delay.  The customer will always be responsible for freight charges.   Customers may ‘drop ship’ (blind is ok)  at no additional charge.  Split shipments incur $5.00 per add’l address.

Payment Terms:  Net 30 terms are available for high-volume customer accounts.   All other orders are shipped prepaid or COD (money order or cashier’s check only).  For Net 30 accounts, any balance past due 30 days is automatically charged a finance charge of 1.5% per month which is an annual  rate of 18%.  Account is ‘current’ only if all past due charges and finance charges have been paid.   Accounts with balances 60 days from the date of invoice will be placed on prepaid status.  New orders may be held until the account is made current.  An account that frequently pays late will lose net 30 terms.  Accounts past due 90 days are referred to collection.

Accounts with net 30 terms will have an established credit limit.  Large orders will require a deposit, regardless of established credit terms.


NSF Checks:   A $30.00 service fee will be charged on all checks returned due to non-sufficient funds.

 Patents & Copyright Laws:  The customer assumes full responsibility for all claims and/or litigation arising from alleged infringement of licenses , patent  or copyright on any requested design or copy.


Artwork:  Artwork furnished as black on white , camera ready will not be subject to additional artwork charges above the normal plate fee.  The plate fee includes sizing and spacing and 1 free paper proof.  Revisions to proof will cost $10 per proof.  Creative Ribbon reserves the right to determine what is camera ready artwork.  Artwork that requires revision or artwork that is not camera ready will delay production. If Customer  waives proof service,  Creative Ribbon reserves the right to size and space artwork using best judgment.   Creative Ribbon  is not responsible for errors on  artwork for which the Customer has approved or waived proof service.  Artwork can not be faxed.  Any artwork & plate produced by Creative Ribbon  for the customer will incur artwork prep charges and will become the customer’s exclusive property.    Any artwork & plate produced by Creative Ribbon for which the customer did not pay artwork charges remains the exclusive property of Creative Ribbon, and may grant usage of owned plate to other customers.  Artwork  submitted by the customer and plates produced using this artwork remain on file for 3 years.  After 3 years, plate & artwork  may not be available for return.  If customer wants plate and or artwork returned, they must submit a written request.  Customer is responsible for freight charges incurred to return artwork &/or plates.  Carrier used must receive signature for delivery.  We will not return artwork or plates via US Postal Service.  Creative Ribbon will not be responsible for any artwork or plate lost in transit

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