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Artwork Guidelines

  • Artwork must be received as one shade of black against a bright white background.  That which is black is what is printed onto the ribbon. 

  • A minimum 300dpi is recommended.

  • Print copies of artwork from a 'post script' printer for best quality.

  • To avoid additional charges, size & space your artwork according to your width choice, & check to make sure artwork is 'clean', or free of zigzag edges, dust, dirt, smears, glue, tape, folds/creases,  paper clips, and ink that might transfer from other papers included in your correspondence.

  • Artwork is limited to 2" high and 8" long.

  • For those with the ability to email artwork , save file in Adobe Illustrator, .eps, PC Format, 'outlined' to:  Otherwise, mail your copy with your order form.

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